Over the years IndiaQBankSM has been proudly expanding. Click on the timeline below to learn more about each of our important milestones, and how we have been adding to our site to better serve you.

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October 2020

  • is now free to all users. Login and prepare for the FMGE, JEE Main and NEET-PG with our QBanks.


August 2018

  • Expanded content in our QBanks - 3500 MCQs in our QBank for the NEET-PG, 5000 MCQs in our QBank for the FMGE and 2000 MCQs in our QBank for the JEE Main.


March 2017

  • CC Avenue payment system integrated for Indian Users.


June 2016

  • re-designed with new user interface.
    Visit for the very best question banks for the NEET-PG, FMGE and JEE Main.


September 2015

  • is proud to sponsor Athletics champion Lalita Babar. She has established herself as one the best 3000m steeplechase runners in the World. She won a bronze medal at the Asian Games in 2014 and a Gold medal at the Asian Championships in 2015. Recently she set a new India National Record of 9:27 at the World Championships. plans to support her every step of the way as she prepares for the 2016 Olympic Games to be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

July 2015

  • sponsors its first athlete - Beant Singh, an Asian Youth Champion in Track and Field from New Delhi, India. Photos of him in apparel. Read about his amazing journey to success here.


October 2014

  • Online exams with NEW UI launched for NEET-PG, FMGE & JEE MAIN.

September 2014

  • New User Interface Launched and IndiaQBank has free T-Shirts for first 100 registrations.

August 2014

  • PayUMoney payment system integrated for Indian Users.

July 2014

  • New upgraded user's dashboard launched. Paypal payment system integrated for IndiaQBank, now IQB users can purchase subscriptions

April 2014

March 2014

  • Backend portal upgraded for IndiaQBank Question writers
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April 2013

  • launched with videos, notes and expanded QBank content.

January 2013

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November 2012

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November 2011

  • IndiaQBankSM development begins.
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