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QBank for the AIPGMEE

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QBank for the AIPGMEE

3476 of the very best, classic,
simulated Multiple Choice Questions
Preparation Questions for the

The QBank for the AIPGMEE is the very best source of practice, preparation and review questions for this exam.

Features of the AIPGMEE QBank:

  • 3476 classic, simulated AIPGMEE preparation questions
  • Covers the following 19 subjects tested on the AIPGMEE:
    Anatomy Anesthesiology
    Biochemistry Dermatology+STD
    ENT Forensic Medicine
    Medicine Microbiology
    OBGYN Ophthalmology
    Orthopedics Pathology
    Pediatrics Pharmacology
    Physiology PSM
    Psychiatry Radiology
  • Each test prep question covers a different AIPGMEE topic from the subject areas tested
  • Answers and detailed explanations for all practice exam questions
  • Take tests in timed and un-timed tutor modes
  • Generate tests by subject category or any combination of categories
  • Unused, incorrect only, or all question selections
  • Choose how many questions you want to take in each block
  • Mark test prep exam questions and write your own notes during the test
  • Review detailed analysis of AIPGMEE tests taken
  • Performance review by subject category
  • Overall cumulative performance
  • Compare your scores with other people
  • Real MCQ interface for true simulation, with normal lab values
  • Revised and expanded with feedback from the most recent exams
  • Continuous updates to the questions and explanations
  • Accessible 24/7 from anywhere
  • Pass the AIPGMEE - guaranteed or get 3 months free!
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